Measuring Potential: Approaches that Work

When you sit down with a prospective candidate to assess their fitness for the job, you have a few useful tools at your immediate disposal. For example, you can simply explain the nature of the job to the candidate and ask how well your description aligns with her career goals. If you need very specific technical skills, you can ask the candidate to describe his or her experience in these areas. Most candidates won

Personality Assessments: Crack the Personality Code

Once upon a time, personality assessments were often thought of as only relevant for customer service positions. Times are changing, however, and employers everywhere are beginning to understand just how important personality is for all aspects of the "office culture." The personalities of the people you hire can make your workplace a heaven to work in or, well, a deeper, darker, much less pleasant place. What characteristics should employers look for in personality assessments to help determine whether or not [...]

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