What Does an Improving Economy Mean for Hiring?

The economy has officially bounced back from the recent recession, and even after returning to pre-2008 levels, the stock market continues to climb. Consumer confidence is on the rise, corporate profits are reaching record highs, and even though wages have yet to catch up, most economic indicators look strong and positive for 2015. This includes unemployment rates, which are currently hovering around 6 percent and dropping at about a tenth of a point per month. So what does this mean [...]

The Job Market: Top Industries in Arizona

The recent recession is on the way out, a brutal winter is almost behind us, and the rest of 2014 looks bright for both the consumer economy and the job market. Across the country, bitter cold and tight budgets have kept people indoors with a close eye on their spending habits. But now that some of those restrictions are starting to lift, spending is up. Which means businesses are starting to expand, companies are taking more risks, and hiring is [...]

2014 Salary Trend Report

At the beginning of 2014, salary increases are expected to hold steady. Averaging an increase around 3.1 percent across all industries and geographic areas of the United States. While these increases fall significantly lower than annual averages of the previous decade, they are expected to slowly increase as the recession ends and the overall economy recovers. But at the moment, increases between 3.0 and 3.5 percent seem to be the norm. In fact, more employees will receive pay raises slightly [...]

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