Social Media for Your Job Search | A Great Tool

Mentions of social media often make people cringe: they are thinking of a tidal wave of memes, games, blog posts and photos. You may be reluctant to associate a serious job search with websites such as Facebook or Twitter, leaving your interactions to remain stagnant, relegated to merely setting up a LinkedIn profile. However, social media sites are tools that you must learn to use to your advantage if you want to get ahead in your job search. First, try [...]

Management Tips | Non-monetary Rewards

If you find yourself in the precarious position of managing a staff to which you are unable to give a well-deserved raise, you may feel lost as to how to otherwise motivate your team. Until your company is more financially prepared to raise the salaries of your employees, you can use non-monetary incentives to motivate your staff. After a round of layoffs, a bad product launch or other touch-and-go situation, morale may be low, and your staff

Hiring Strategy Tips

Hiring can become an auto-piloted process, as with any task that must be repeated with any frequency. However, the secret to exceptional hiring is in remembering. If you can remember--and be strategically mindful of-- who your applicants are, who your staff is, what your company is and to evaluate after a trial period, your hiring strategy can be enhanced dramatically. 1. Remember who your applicant is. Write your job description accordingly, and with a purpose. Recall what your eleventh grade [...]

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