CNN Money recently released a list of the top employers of 2011. If your company did not make the list, it is time to find out why. The winners were those companies that offered great benefits, big paychecks and created an environment people wanted to be a part of each day. Many of these companies are hiring. For those who are their competition for talent, it pays to find out what they are doing and what you should be doing to lure in the most talented professionals.


Still at the top from last year is SAS in Cary, North Carolina. The company has been on the list for the last 14 years. Their benefits include: an onsite healthcare and a high quality childcare that costs only $410 a month. Car cleaning services, beauty salons and even camp for the kids in the summer. The company offers a big employee gym, too. As a business, it may pay to offer services like this. Instead of spending more on hiring and training employees, SAS put the money into developing a company people wanted to build their career at for the long term.

Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group moved up from a rank of 8 last year for the number two slot. The company’s biggest draws are its higher pay than the competition and its passion for helping others. The company features a Social Impact Practice Network which allows employees the opportunity to with the UN World Food Program or Save the Children. The company has a heart