What separates ACCENT’ from the rest?

It’s not just our longevity or even our success, but also our value. It’s our branded ACCENT’ service that makes hiring hassle-free.

Our fee is significantly less. And the fee? Significantly lower at 10% to 15% on most searches. Executive searches are significantly lower at 20% on most searches. In fact, this has been our rate for many years.

How can we do this? It’s simple. ACCENT’ has thrived because we’ve supported our client’s hiring process. We enjoy continued requests and referrals from many long-term clients so our lower fee makes sense not only for us, but more importantly, for our clients.

We created a data-enhanced resume format that makes our client’s hiring process more efficient and hassle-free. We include information usually excluded from resumes:

  • Salary History

  • Past Positions (Current employment is kept confidential)

  • Reasons for Having Left Past Positions

  • Explanations for Gaps in Employment History

We pre-interview prospective candidates with emphasis on a Behavioral Profile. This lasts thirty minutes and offers valuable insight to a candidate’s readiness for one of our client positions.

We spend an hour on the actual interview which allows us to carefully assess a candidate’s skill set. In turn, we can effectively recommend a candidate for a client position.

We perform reference checks. We’ll also do background checks upon request.

We know our candidates well. In fact, we’ll discuss a position with them that they are suited for, beforehand. We do not waste our client’s time with resumes until we are sure the candidates are a good fit and are interested.

We have a 100 day guarantee on all placements.

That’s the ACCENT’ difference, allowing the client a more effective interviewing experience with the consistency that we carefully provide. We bring significantly better service and at a much lower price.

We put Arizona to work.


Professional Associations we’ve gathered over the years:

  • American Staffing Association
  • Arizona Small Business Association
  • Bullhorn
  • First Advantage
  • Universal Background Screening






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