The job market today, in many ways, is a buyer’s market. It’s one of those rare times when there are far more qualified candidates for every available position than there is demand for these quality candidates. Still there are also many people out there who might not be the best choice to make when it comes time to consider people for employment. Here are a few “red flags” you’ll want to be on the lookout for during your hiring process.

Confidence Outstrips Experience

There are rare occasions when this warranted but for the most part over-confidence can translate into real-world problems when it comes to listening and learning. You want the people who work for you to be willing to listen, ask questions, and learn the way things are done in your company. You don’t want them to walk through the door believing they have nothing left to learn.

The Candidate Hasn’t Researched Your Company

In this job market you should expect a candidate that makes it to the interview process to do a little homework and learn a little about your company ahead of time. If he or she doesn’t know anything beyond what the website says then it’s a good idea to take a pass or wait for a candidate that has gone the extra mile to learn a little more.

Lack of Humor

While it’s normal for candidates to be nervous during the interview process you should make a point of finding out what kind of sense of humor the candidate has and if you believe it’s a good match for your company. You don’t have to go for “comedy central” material but some sense of humor is often required just to get along and converse with coworkers.

Excess Negativity about Previous Employer

It says much more about the candidate than the previous employer when a candidate has nothing at all positive to say about his or her last place of employment. Take this to heart because you could be picking up another company’s former headache if you aren’t careful. While there are some companies that mistreat employees, it’s better for them to leave without airing the dirty laundry.

The Interview Process is like Pulling Teeth

Everyone has had one of those conversations in life. You know, the conversations where trying to get feedback from the other party was about as painful as pulling teeth