People like perks. It’s a proven fact. They’ll spend countless thousands of dollars in interest on a credit card to get a $200 perk or reward. With the same line of thought in mind, employees will take jobs that offer less money up front if the right perks are dangled in front of them as an incentive. The really great news for employers is that these perks do not necessarily need to be expensive perks for you to offer.

Here are five inexpensive job perks your employees are sure to love.

  1. Flexible work hours. Believe it or not, everyone isn’t at his or her best at 8:00 am every day. Some people would love the opportunity to begin their work days at 10:00 in the morning and leave two hours later in the evening instead. Others might like the ability to go in an hour or two early in exchange for leaving an hour or two earlier in the evening. You’re getting the same number of hours from them but they are much happier because they get to choose the hours that fit their schedules and lifestyles best.
  2. Consider a four-day workweek. This is one perk employees can really sink their teeth into. Most of the time you’ll see that employees are excited about the possibility of working two extra hours four days out of the week in order to get an entire other day off work for the week. You still get 40-hours worth of work from your staff but you benefit from improved morale and it didn’t cost you one extra penny to get it.
  3. Recreation equipment for break rooms. Everyone needs to let off a little steam once in a while. It’s amazing how much a basketball goal in the parking lot or an X-box or pool table in the break room can do to help employees let off steam and get back to work. You don’t have to invest in a lot of expensive equipment in order to enjoy an excellent ROI.
  4. Concierge services. Believe it or not there are some companies that hire out concierge services to employers. It’s a fast growing industry because it has proven to be so popular. It involves having people available to “run errands” for employees so they can focus on work and not on buying birthday or holiday gifts, or countless other odds and ends things they need to do. It can even be for simple tasks like finding a reputable plumber, electrician, or mechanic. There are all kinds of reasons employees can really appreciate services like this.
  5. Casual workdays. While there are some professions where “image” is everything, there are a lot of employers where going to a “casual workplace” could save employees time and money