Once upon a time, personality assessments were often thought of as only relevant for customer service positions. Times are changing, however, and employers everywhere are beginning to understand just how important personality is for all aspects of the “office culture.” The personalities of the people you hire can make your workplace a heaven to work in or, well, a deeper, darker, much less pleasant place.

What characteristics should employers look for in personality assessments to help determine whether or not a candidate is a good match for their work environment?

Ability to Play/Work Well with Others

This is a huge issue in today’s offices. It’s not simply the fear factor of dealing with disgruntled former employees that you’d like to avoid. It’s the fact that someone who doesn’t work well with others is likely to disrupt the flow of the office environment. A productive office is one in which there is little discord and the vast majority of people work well together.

The characteristics you want to find in these personality assessments include: team player, warm, outgoing, sociable and concerned for others. The traits you may want to be leery of include things like independent, reserved, and loner.

Stress Management

There are few businesses today where stress doesn’t come into the picture once in a while. For some companies, every day is a high stress day