Hiring can become an auto-piloted process, as with any task that must be repeated with any frequency. However, the secret to exceptional hiring is in remembering. If you can remember–and be strategically mindful of– who your applicants are, who your staff is, what your company is and to evaluate after a trial period, your hiring strategy can be enhanced dramatically.

1. Remember who your applicant is. Write your job description accordingly, and with a purpose. Recall what your eleventh grade English teacher told you: write for your intended audience. Engage the people you want to work for you, and you will receive a proportionate number of driven, engaging applicants. Use language that precisely exemplifies your company and its company culture. Being clear will also eliminate ambiguity, which is a contributing factor to job performance that employers feel is sub par. When applicants (and later, employees) are unsure of what is expected of them, they cannot perform at peak level.

2. Remember what your company is, and what it stands for. During the hiring process, align your values and your expectations. For example, if you are a company that prides itself in creative problem solving, it would not be wise to penalize an applicant who takes a creative approach in solving a hypothetical work problem, nor would it behoove you to select applicants who show exceedingly linear and concrete thinking throughout your time with them.

3. Remember who your staff is. Take under consideration the current climate of your