The recruiting game has come a long way in the past ten years; companies have to flex their online and mobile recruiting muscles now more than ever before. Data is pouring in. The majorities of job seekers are searching for new employment on mobile devices, computers, and tablets, and are foregoing the more traditional pavement pounding and want ad scouring. To be king of the recruiting hill, however, a company needs to be more than tech savvy–it must be proactive. We already know that job seekers are using the web. The more important question is, when?

For starters, schedule new job listing to post at 6:15am on Monday mornings. Research from indicates that job seekers are hopping online before work (if they are currently employed.) By posting new listings at 6:15am, you will catch the attention of those candidates who check email and LinkedIn on their mobile devices prior to getting out of bed for the day. The average person receives 78 emails per day–you want yours to be one of the first items shown when a candidate launches his email application.

Mobile seekers are more likely to be searching after work hours, due in part to a newer tendency known as