The recent recession is on the way out, a brutal winter is almost behind us, and the rest of 2014 looks bright for both the consumer economy and the job market. Across the country, bitter cold and tight budgets have kept people indoors with a close eye on their spending habits. But now that some of those restrictions are starting to lift, spending is up. Which means businesses are starting to expand, companies are taking more risks, and hiring is on the rise.

In the meantime, industries like manufacturing that have been moving offshore in recent decades are starting a reverse migration. Companies are no longer seeing the cost savings they once gained from overseas labor, so those businesses and distribution centers are moving back to the US.

Overall, here are five of the top Arizona industries for hiring and job growth in the year ahead.

1. Service Providers: Service industries in Arizona employed 2,195,100 people during January of 2013. Private service providers employed 1,782,500 workers during the same period.

2. Trade, Transportation and Utilities: In Arizona, this sector employed 475,200 workers in January of 2013.

3. Government: Government jobs and contract hiring held a strong position in the labor market during 2012 and 2013.

4. Education and Health: Education and health have been strong priorities for Arizona over the past few years, and hiring in this sector has been on the rise.

5. Private Business: Private companies and small businesses have made a comeback following the economic slowdown, especially in retail trade, wholesale trade, construction, manufacturing, and durable goods.

How does your Arizona business or market sector stack up? Have you experienced a rise in hiring demand during the previous year? If your business is like most, the answer is yes, and you