You need to choose a staffing firm. You already know this move can drive your business forward. A contract with an established, professional staffing agency can help you stay lean and flexible during unpredictable business cycles. Putting your trust in a team of experts can help you attract top talent and identify the best candidates in a winning applicant pool. So your next move is clear. Only one question remains: How do you choose the best staffing firm in your area? Here are a few evaluation criteria that can help you narrow your options.

Does your firm form strong personal relationships?

As you examine a given staffing agency, take a close look at how they form relationships. Do they sit down with you to discuss only one position at a time with no regard for a long-term future connection? Do they focus on your position but show little interest in your overall business model or long-term needs? Choose a staffing firm that considers every contact as part of a long-term, evolving business-to-business partnership.

How wide is their reach?

Some staffing agencies maintain a network that