Improve Hiring with Successful Job Descriptions

Can the quality of your job description actually influence the quality of your applicant pool? The overall quality and length of your job post can help filter mismatches and attract talented experts. But the job description, more than almost any other aspect if the post, can help potential candidates self-select. Make sure your description targets the candidates you want and encourages others to move along. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Cut to the Chase Don

Do the Right Thing: Send Rejection Letters

After narrowing down a wide pool of candidates and settling on a final selection, experienced employers face two simultaneous tasks. First, they need to act quickly to make a formal offer and launch an efficient and successful negotiation with their chosen candidate. This step usually takes a top priority, since any delay or misstep can allow the candidate to slip away. But the second task is just as important and should never be put off or neglected. The runner-up candidates [...]

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