4 Ways to Compete for Your Summer Hires

Summer is a time when many businesses are booming and need a little (or a lot, as the case may be) extra help in the labor department. The problem is, your business isn't the only one looking to recruit the best, brightest, or most highly skilled summer laborers available. This means that there is a lot of competition for the most talented summer hires in the job market. Businesses are, for the first time in a long time, feeling the [...]

4 Ways to Reduce Turn-Over in Young Employees

Young employees present a few unique challenges to the employers of today. They are unlike any other employees throughout history in their motivations and even in their work ethic. It isn't that they lack a work ethic, only that it's different than those of previous "generations". Gone is the era of the young work-a-holic over-achiever. The new generation of workers is dedicated but in a self-serving sort of manner. Once you understand what really motivates them, it will be much [...]

Enhance the Appeal of Your Listings with These Five Inexpensive Job Perks

People like perks. It's a proven fact. They'll spend countless thousands of dollars in interest on a credit card to get a $200 perk or reward. With the same line of thought in mind, employees will take jobs that offer less money up front if the right perks are dangled in front of them as an incentive. The really great news for employers is that these perks do not necessarily need to be expensive perks for you to offer. Here [...]

Why you Shouldn

It's a sad truth that there used to be a stigma against hiring the unemployed. It was thought that the unemployed job candidate had more weaknesses or deficiencies than someone that was gainfully employed. In other words, somehow being unemployed equated to being less valued in the eyes of recruiters. But in today's economy, that argument simply doesn't hold water. With the recession, massive company layoffs, and the highest unemployment rate seen in recent years, unemployment -- and quite often [...]

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