Motivate Your Team without Breaking Your Budget

Your team could use a motivational boost. When you glance around the office, you see far too many signs of burnout, passivity, and unnecessary conflict. Some of your most talented employees seem to be phoning it in now and then, and some of the obstacles and challenges that hold your teams back seem easily surmountable. So what can you do to get things back on track? How can inspire a general sense of inspiration and focus without breaking the bank? [...]

Part 2: Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

Last week, we introduced a few important guidelines that can help small business owners select and hire the most valuable workers in the marketplace. Your company may be small, and your margins may be thin, but with a careful strategy and a little extra effort, you can improve the overall dedication and efficiency of your workforce (even if that workforce only amounts to one or two people). Tidy up your front door. Keep your actual front door neat and appealing [...]

How Is Arizona

According to, the state of Arizona earned a 2015 scorecard that ranked above average, but not soaring. Not great, according to researchers, but solid. This determination was based on the analysis of data gathered throughout the year, and it refers to three cornerstone metrics of state economy health

Is Your Young Talent Leaving Quickly? Don

Recruiters and hiring managers engage in an aggressive tug-of-war for young talent, and the drive to grab young millennials may seem counter-intuitive. After all, why would any savvy manager or CEO want to hire untested, inexperienced newbies with big smiles but not much else, only to train them, invest in them, absorb their rookie mistakes, season them and then watch them walk out the door? Wouldn

Should You Consider Holding Reviews More Often?

If your workplace functions like most companies, you probably conduct one formal round of employee evaluations per year. This is likely a time-consuming process with high stakes on both sides; employers lose sleep in their efforts to draft reviews that are fair, well written, comprehensive and meaningful. And employees lose sleep over concerns about negative feedback and plan to leverage positive feedback into raises and promotions. After the review cycle ends, major shake-ups occur. Promotions are put in place, salaries [...]


You want to staff your workplace with top talent, but as an experienced hiring manager, you

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