When you evaluate candidates for any open position with a social component (which describes almost every position in the modern world), you probably look for signs of a

Should You Consider Holding Reviews More Often?

If your workplace functions like most companies, you probably conduct one formal round of employee evaluations per year. This is likely a time-consuming process with high stakes on both sides; employers lose sleep in their efforts to draft reviews that are fair, well written, comprehensive and meaningful. And employees lose sleep over concerns about negative feedback and plan to leverage positive feedback into raises and promotions. After the review cycle ends, major shake-ups occur. Promotions are put in place, salaries [...]

What are the Best Ways to Evaluate a Staffing Firm?

You need to choose a staffing firm. You already know this move can drive your business forward. A contract with an established, professional staffing agency can help you stay lean and flexible during unpredictable business cycles. Putting your trust in a team of experts can help you attract top talent and identify the best candidates in a winning applicant pool. So your next move is clear. Only one question remains: How do you choose the best staffing firm in your [...]

What Does an Improving Economy Mean for Hiring?

The economy has officially bounced back from the recent recession, and even after returning to pre-2008 levels, the stock market continues to climb. Consumer confidence is on the rise, corporate profits are reaching record highs, and even though wages have yet to catch up, most economic indicators look strong and positive for 2015. This includes unemployment rates, which are currently hovering around 6 percent and dropping at about a tenth of a point per month. So what does this mean [...]

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