When Hiring Executives, Remember This Important Tip

Interviewing and vetting candidates for executive positions may seem similar to interviewing entry and mid-level candidates, and in some ways, the structure and bureaucracy of the process offer a few overlaps. For example, at both ends of the spectrum, the selection must be fair and transparent, and promises made in the conversation must be honored in a resulting contract. But wise employers recognize one key difference: At higher levels, the candidates are interviewing the company and the vetting process moves [...]

Is Your Young Talent Leaving Quickly? Don

Recruiters and hiring managers engage in an aggressive tug-of-war for young talent, and the drive to grab young millennials may seem counter-intuitive. After all, why would any savvy manager or CEO want to hire untested, inexperienced newbies with big smiles but not much else, only to train them, invest in them, absorb their rookie mistakes, season them and then watch them walk out the door? Wouldn

Long Distance Interviews through Video

Thanks to increased accessibility to computer and Internet technology in American households--and to the economic circumstances requiring some stay-at-home parents to telecommute--more and more individuals are find themselves located many miles away from their employers. Here are some tips for approaching a long distance interview. 1. Perform a trial run. Perhaps you are newer to video chat technology and need a few practice runs to be confident in your ability to quickly execute, maintain and disconnect a call. Make sure [...]

Increase Productivity this Spring

In the beginning of spring, we all begin to reawaken. This lovely feeling of springtime renewal does wonders for our spirits, but often wreaks havoc upon our productivity. Good managers know that this seasonal mood shift can be harnessed to help create a boost in productivity--and habits that can last all year long. Emphasize starting. Encourage your employees to begins as many things as possible--with the caveat that their objective is to finish (or sign off on) each task they [...]

Boosts Your Company Needs This Year

The new year brings your business new goals and objectives. While you may have taken the time to discuss how to improve operations and efficiency; have you taken the time to discuss how to improve your workplace environment? The workplace standard is changing and you need to be ready for it. Employees are looking to work for companies that understand their work-life balance. Here are some ways to invest in your employees and improve your workplace in 2013. Work-Life Balance. [...]

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