Using LinkedIn for Recruitment – 7 Best Practices

In the realm of social media tools that HR departments and recruiting teams can use, LinkedIn is becoming the go-to source for sourcing, researching, and attracting candidates. As a whole, social media has exploded as a way of connecting organizations with people from around the world. It is ideal because it creates a direct way of bringing information about new career opportunities to the most qualified candidates in real time. LinkedIn, also referred to the

Hiring Trends – Mobile Recruiting!

Mobile recruiting is the reality for companies interested in hiring the latest crop of talent graduating from colleges and universities today. Young grads are taking their job searches on the road with them. Companies that want to bring in top-tier candidates need to be on board with the new mobile trend in recruiting and hiring. Skip the Custom Apps The good news is that you don

The Overqualified Candidate: Don

Once upon a time, there was a certain stigma attached to overqualified candidates for any job. The prevailing wisdom was that there was something wrong, some major flaw or defect, that would force someone to search for a job beneath his or her experience or skill. Unfortunately, those attitudes have been slow to change, despite the wide range of people who are interested in scaling back responsibility for less stressful jobs in order to have more time to devote to [...]


No matter how thorough you are in the "pre-screening" process, you can't possibly catch every single character flaw of potential employees. There is one however, that you need to go to great lengths to identify during your hiring process: the anti-social employee. The truth is that few employees work on an island. That is, most companies today require an atmosphere of teamwork. Employees who are inherently loners or have poor people skills will suffer in the collaborative process. More importantly [...]

Personality Assessments: Crack the Personality Code

Once upon a time, personality assessments were often thought of as only relevant for customer service positions. Times are changing, however, and employers everywhere are beginning to understand just how important personality is for all aspects of the "office culture." The personalities of the people you hire can make your workplace a heaven to work in or, well, a deeper, darker, much less pleasant place. What characteristics should employers look for in personality assessments to help determine whether or not [...]

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