2014 Salary Trend Report

At the beginning of 2014, salary increases are expected to hold steady. Averaging an increase around 3.1 percent across all industries and geographic areas of the United States. While these increases fall significantly lower than annual averages of the previous decade, they are expected to slowly increase as the recession ends and the overall economy recovers. But at the moment, increases between 3.0 and 3.5 percent seem to be the norm. In fact, more employees will receive pay raises slightly [...]

When are Job Seekers Online?

The recruiting game has come a long way in the past ten years; companies have to flex their online and mobile recruiting muscles now more than ever before. Data is pouring in. The majorities of job seekers are searching for new employment on mobile devices, computers, and tablets, and are foregoing the more traditional pavement pounding and want ad scouring. To be king of the recruiting hill, however, a company needs to be more than tech savvy--it must be proactive. [...]

Social Media for Your Job Search | A Great Tool

Mentions of social media often make people cringe: they are thinking of a tidal wave of memes, games, blog posts and photos. You may be reluctant to associate a serious job search with websites such as Facebook or Twitter, leaving your interactions to remain stagnant, relegated to merely setting up a LinkedIn profile. However, social media sites are tools that you must learn to use to your advantage if you want to get ahead in your job search. First, try [...]

Update on Job Market/Hiring Trends in Arizona

The Arizona job market may be the place to be. If you are looking for a job or wondering what type of talent is in the pool of candidates in the state, you may be surprised with the options. Though the state continues to suffer from significant unemployment as much of the United States does, there are some positive signs brewing and that's what many individuals are hoping to see continue. By the Numbers According to the Department of Labor, [...]

The Current State of the Employment and Economy in Arizona

The recent economic downturn initially hit Arizona hard. In fact, areas like Phoenix were hit with a nine percent loss of area jobs. Phoenix was among the hardest hit cities in the US. Phoenix certainly wasn't alone in taking on huge losses of private sector jobs. Among the nations 938 metropolitan and micropolitan areas, 91 percent of them experienced job losses during the heart of the crisis in 2008 and 2009. Fourth Quarter 2011 Job Growth But things are beginning [...]

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