You want to staff your workplace with top talent, but as an experienced hiring manager, you


No matter how thorough you are in the "pre-screening" process, you can't possibly catch every single character flaw of potential employees. There is one however, that you need to go to great lengths to identify during your hiring process: the anti-social employee. The truth is that few employees work on an island. That is, most companies today require an atmosphere of teamwork. Employees who are inherently loners or have poor people skills will suffer in the collaborative process. More importantly [...]

Red Flags to Watch out for During an Interview

The job market today, in many ways, is a buyer's market. It's one of those rare times when there are far more qualified candidates for every available position than there is demand for these quality candidates. Still there are also many people out there who might not be the best choice to make when it comes time to consider people for employment. Here are a few "red flags" you'll want to be on the lookout for during your hiring process. [...]

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