Red Flags to Watch out for During an Interview

The job market today, in many ways, is a buyer's market. It's one of those rare times when there are far more qualified candidates for every available position than there is demand for these quality candidates. Still there are also many people out there who might not be the best choice to make when it comes time to consider people for employment. Here are a few "red flags" you'll want to be on the lookout for during your hiring process. [...]

Are Phone Interviews the Best Option for Narrowing Down Candidates?

Job openings today are few and far between. In a market where there is considerably greater supply than demand, employers are willing to consider new and creative means to narrow down the field of candidates to find people who are best suited for the job at hand. When you're dealing with a wide range of candidates from across the country, phone interviews may seem like the most expedient choice. But, are they the best choice to help you narrow down [...]

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