Social Media for Your Job Search | A Great Tool

Mentions of social media often make people cringe: they are thinking of a tidal wave of memes, games, blog posts and photos. You may be reluctant to associate a serious job search with websites such as Facebook or Twitter, leaving your interactions to remain stagnant, relegated to merely setting up a LinkedIn profile. However, social media sites are tools that you must learn to use to your advantage if you want to get ahead in your job search. First, try [...]

Hiring Strategy Tips

Hiring can become an auto-piloted process, as with any task that must be repeated with any frequency. However, the secret to exceptional hiring is in remembering. If you can remember--and be strategically mindful of-- who your applicants are, who your staff is, what your company is and to evaluate after a trial period, your hiring strategy can be enhanced dramatically. 1. Remember who your applicant is. Write your job description accordingly, and with a purpose. Recall what your eleventh grade [...]

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